The Urban Crew meets together every week in the Madsen Building at the University of Sydney to talk about our ongoing research. We’re geographers, planners, political scientists and sociologists. We’re academic staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students. And as the first birthday of our collective approached, this booklet seemed like a good idea, both as a way of sharing some of the ideas we’ve been discussing beyond the four walls of the seminar room, and to extend our collective practice from talking together to writing together, to see what new ideas this might generate.

Contributors to Volume 1: Brittany Betteridge, Pratichi Chatterjee, Leah Emmanuel, Amy Fairall, Bradley Garrett, Mini Graff, Kurt Iveson, Rupert Legg, Sophia Maalsen, Marilu Melo, Wendy Murray, Madeleine Pill, Dallas Rogers, Jathan Sadowski, Alistair Sisson, Amanda Tattersall, Sophie Webber.


The Urban Crew visiting the Piscator Press, Fisher Library, University of Sydney. Photo by Sarah Lorien